Kanye West Terrified Over Intercourse Tape Leak Rumors —He’s Not ‘Taking It Lightly’


Uh oh! Kanye West is not satisfied about the intercourse tape rumors swirling on Could 25. A supply advised HollywoodLife.com Solely why he’s ‘terrified’ of a leak, and who he thinks could have done it. We have all the details, ! “Kanye is fascinated by intercourse tapes but he’s not anxious about any of his tapes leaking ,”a supply advised HollywoodLife.com Exclusively. 

However, that doesn’t always suggest that a tape does not exist. even if Kanye wasn’t’ the one particular who shot it. He’s afraid that someone sour from his previous might be striving to do him dirty now.


You can stream Kanye’s music ad-free of charge and limitless, ! “What terrifies him is that a single of his exes, or even a hook-up, may well have filmed him at some level without his understanding,” the insider continued. Yikes! “When he hears that men and women have tapes of him that is the first worry that comes to mind.”


That’s definitely a genuine worry, and so scary! We surely hope that is not the situation, but you can never be too cautious when it comes to private privacy.


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