Kim Kardashian $one Billion Divorce: Kim Meets Attorneys Behind Kanye West’s Back, Seeks Total Custody of North and Saint?


Kim Kardashian is moving total steam ahead with her divorce from Kanye West. according to a new report. This week’s cover of Star Magazine attributes a photograph of the miserable cover. The headline reads, “Kim And Kanye Divorce, $1 Billion At Stake!” It is no secret that behind closed doors Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been unhappy for quite a although. And, Kim Kardashian has reportedly met with divorce lawyers on more than 1 occasion. Is there $one Billion dollars at stake? Completely not. Let’s not neglect earlier this yr Kanye was begging for funds on social media and confirmed that he was $50 Million in debt. 

How they now have billions at stake is a bit perplexing. Star Magazine confirms what we have recognized for very a while, Kimye is practically nothing more than a showmance, a business connection. The tabloid reviews, “Behind closed doors, sources say that Kim is desperately unhappy. In truth, she’s so fed up with Kanye’s bizarre conduct, egocentric demands and huge meltdowns that she’s consulting a divorce lawyer about pulling the plug on her marriage.”


The cover of the magazine goes on to tease that Kim is “suing for full custody” of North and Saint.


And, thinking about Kanye’s properly documented history of angry outbursts, she does not exactly have her operate cut out for her. If Kanye is attempting to stall the divorce, it’s possibly simply because of the straightforward fact that he is aware of he does not stand a likelihood against Kim in court when it comes to their little ones. According to Star’s within sources, Kim is trying to hold the divorce a secret from Kanye West due to the fact she fears that he will “blow up.” Taking into consideration his previous, she might be on to something. But, the raging rapper will probably be even much more furious when she blindsides him than if she had just been upfront from the starting.


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