Bon Iver dances, Kanye West broods, Francis and the Lights struts in 'Friends'music video


Suspect in standoff in Dallas garage tells officers 'more will die' Five police officers killed by sniper at Dallas protest Labour MP accused of getting 'unpleasant bully' over Corbyn heckle Black police officer's potent response to Alton Sterling killing Francis and the Lights have posted a new music video for 'Friends', which functions Kanye West and Bon Iver. There is a variety of exciting issues about this song/video, so I'm going to go ahead and itemise them: - It clears up why that new Possibility the Rapper song, 'Summer Friends', sounds so considerably like Bon Iver - it Bon Iver. "Francis and The Lights sampled his personal song to create Summer time Close friends for me, this is the original", Possibility tweeted last evening. 

Francis has gleefully invested much of the past 24 hrs retweeting folks who accused him of ripping Bon Iver off. - The video sees Bon Iver and Kanye reunite once more.


They appeared on West's 'My Gorgeous Dark Twisted Fantasy' and 'Yeezus' albums with each other, but went their separate techniques for 'The Daily life of Pablo'. - Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) dances.


He isn't going to seem wholly comfortable with it (potentially the complete stage), but he offers it his greatest shot. - Kanye does not actually rap in the track. He justs smoulders in the corner of the exceptionally conceptual video Francis and The Lights sampled his personal song to make Summer time Friends for me, this is the unique #friendsvideo Francis and the lights are headed up by Francis Farewell Starlite.


The band previously toured with Drake, MGMT and Chance and the phrase "and the Lights" refers each to the lights on a stage and pixels on a pc display.



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