Kris Jenner: Dealing with Intervention Due to Heavy Boozing?!


Her position as momager to the world's most popular set of siblings has usually been demanding, but now with her youngest daughters' careers taking off and a new PR crisis popping seemingly just about every day, Kris is beneath the gun like by no means in advance of. Hell, she's by now speaking about finding her grandkids their very own reality show. And now there are rumors emerging that Kris is not coping in the healthiest approaches. 

We've heard reviews about Kris Jenner drinking heavily in the previous, but insiders say the occasions of the previous handful of months have the 60-yr-previous matriarch hitting the bottle harder than ever. "Kris loves to drink," a source near to the family members tells Radar Online. "Kim isn't going to drink at all.


Khloe received that DUI, Scott has been in rehab. It's so significantly a component of the loved ones." Kris Jenner: 11 Occasions The Kardashian Matriarch Was Fed Up With Her Little ones But although it really is the bad habits of her youngsters and their substantial some others that receives the most consideration from the press, insiders say Kris' heavy boozing is the most troubling vice in the family. "Kris drinks all the time and everyone sees it," says the source. Kylie's on, off romantic relationship with Tyga, the ongoing drama surrounding Caitlyn's split from the rest of the household, and - relatively ironically - Lamar Odom's addiction difficulties have all reportedly contributed to Kris' hefty consuming. Now the girls of the Kard clan are turning to an unlikely source to aid them convince her to get aid. "Kim wants Kanye to speak to her mom," the source says. "She believes that Kris truly would listen to Kanye.


She has Khloe and Kourtney on board too.


Every person thinks Kanye could be helpful." He could sound like a strange alternative to spearhead an intervention, but the insider points out that it was Kanye who aided the rest of the family mend fences with Caitlyn. Plus, he hates letting other men and women speak, so you pretty significantly have to put him in charge.



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