Rob &Chyna premiere: Scott Disick provides Rob Kardashian romance advice


Rob gets connection advice from the a single man or woman he probably shouldn’t get it from In tonight’s premiere of Rob & Chyna, Rob Kardashian commiserates with the other bad boy of Kardashianville, Scott Disick, saying he is sick of Chyna booting him out of their house. 

The pair go and store for toiletries because Rob can not get into his house to get a basic grooming kit together. He admits: “This cycle has took place various instances.” Blac Chyna is pregnant and desires some “space” and Rob needs to “let her be”. In the clip under, he tells Scott that he and Chyna received into a fight and she asked him to leave. He says. “She kicked me out. I’m just gonna allow her be and give her her space and I really don't know.”


He adds: “This cycle of me staying kicked out the house has happened a number of occasions and usually I go suitable back but I’m sick of it so I’m going to keep at my home in Calabasas for a bit.” Rob tells Scott that if this takes place just about every time they argue then he’s NOT going to promote his Calabasas property, incorporating: “It’s not a great feeling when you get kicked out.” But Scott tells Rob: “Dude, you’re telling me my personal life. It transpires!” He adds: “And by the way she’s hormonal, she’s pregnant. If you WEREN’T to get kicked out, it would be weird.” Scott does his greatest to buck up Rob, but the tea leaves point to a connection dominated by Chyna.



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